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The world of children's products is ever-evolving, and amidst this dynamic landscape. BÄLLEBAD® stands as a beacon of unique and

captivating design. Created to be timeless, these designs aim to leave a lasting imprint, giving a fresh twist to traditional concepts.

At the crossroads of innovation and quality lies BÄLLEBAD®,

a brand that has transformed the landscape of children's products with its indomitable "WOW" factor.

Designer Susan Kraus

WOW Factor with BÄLLEBAD®
*Where Unique Designs Meet Quality in Children's Products

Susan Kraus

BÄLLEBAD®’s spectrum of products speaks volumes of its creative spirit.
From the soft embrace of minky and flannel fleece blankets to the functional
elegance of EVA material backpacks, every item showcases meticulous
attention to detail. The safety-enhancing reflective-edged umbrella and the
delightful puppy and kitten characters epitomize the brand's dedication to
both function and fun.

Quality is the cornerstone of BÄLLEBAD®. Partnering with Asia's certified
suppliers, renowned for their work with iconic brands like Disney, BÄLLEBAD®
ensures that every product surpasses industry standards. Endorsements like
the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label on textiles and BPA-free certifications
for tableware amplify the brand's commitment to excellence and safety.

Behind BÄLLEBAD®'s brilliance is its founder, Susan Kraus. With a diverse
background spanning two decades in the fashion industry and collaborations
with brands like ESPRIT and Opus Fashion, Kraus's expertise shines brightly.
Her transition from crafting celebrated silk and cashmere scarves for women
to designing for children was inspired by the latter's fascination with her
vibrant designs. This led to the inception of BÄLLEBAD®, filling a niche for
high-quality, affordably priced kids' products.

(c) Susan Kraus

Positioned for global acclaim, BÄLLEBAD® is all set

to enchant children and families across continents,

creating cherished memories with every product. In the

realm of children’s offerings, BÄLLEBAD® is not just a

brand; it's a heartwarming experience, a promise of joy,

and a timeless memory in the making.

Ready to Captivate the World



Mühlenkamp 50
22303 Hamburg

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